Mahogany is a native to Asheville, N.C., who grew up with a strong passion for movement and sports. Through his love and determination for football, he received a football scholarship to Limestone College.

During his time playing football he worked alongside collegiate strength coaches. Mahogany took the knowledge he gathered from the coaches developing his own training method and techniques.

Currently, he uses these ideas and patterns to train individuals aging 7-64, including elementary school athletes and Division 1 football players.

Mahogany also attended Winston Salem State University and during this time the weight room became his safe haven. While there, he developed connections with professional bodybuilders. Soon after this, he began his journey as a bodybuilder. Mahogany has competed for two years and has moved up rankings in each competition. Bodybuilding taught him the art of mind muscle connection. 

To Mahogany, being a bodybuilder is like being a sculptor, every movement has a purpose. Allowing each muscle to perform how it was intended, our bodies will transform. Adding resistance to muscles force them to break down. What we fuel our bodies with allows our systems to become stronger. With consistent work change is inevitable in all areas of life!

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