Jenny is a certified RYT 200 yoga instructor, Buti Yoga Instructor, and business owner with her company Heartistree Studios videography.

Jenny Roberts Hyde 25.jpg

Jenny’s passion for movement manifested in the form of sports and fitness, as well as capturing motion and emotion as a filmmaker, receiving a Masters Degree in Film from Ohio University in 2013. Musicality was a part of her video editing training, and Jenny was already obsessed with making mixtapes in her early years, which explains why she loves creating playlists for her yoga classes that elicit a mood/theme!

In 2015, Jenny moved from Pocomoke, Maryland to Asheville. Instantly inspired by her experience taking classes at Primal Studios, Jenny pursued her yoga teaching journey to connect deeper with herself and others, in a quest for self-discovery and personal growth.

In August 2017, Jenny received a 200RYT certification from Asheville Yoga Center and in September 2017, became Buti Yoga certified in D.C. Jenny began teaching at Primal Studios in November 2017.

These rewarding trainings and opportunities to lead yoga classes have taken her confidence and self-acceptance to new heights, and have given Jenny the tools to create blissful movement experiences combining her passions of music, movement, and self-discovery.

Jenny and her partner Bryan Divisions are the creators of the “Higher Vibes Yoga & Live Hip-Hop Show,” traveling and sharing their bliss-activating yoga and uplifting mystical rap to yoga studios and wellness centers nationwide.  

Jenny enjoys cooking plant-based vegan foods and loves being out in nature, especially hiking to waterfalls to breathe in that good Prana : )