Primal Studios is a dynamic yoga and fitness studio specializing in Buti Yoga. We empower people to lead healthy lives by offering them a social networking fitness alternative, and a genuine community that cannot be found anywhere else. We aim to create a welcoming experience for students to grow while improving their network and social circles. Here, friendships and connections are forged while building strength and self-confidence. 

We inspire you to be brave with your life, to connect & thrive in the community as we evolve together! 

Primal Studios was established in 2017 by Cynthia Sims.
"I immediately fell in love with Buti yoga and the freedom that it created within my body; it left me feeling energized, strong and with the most excitement about any fitness/yoga class. I became certified to teach Buti yoga in 2015 and am passionate about sharing the method with other women. I am also a Registered Nurse who believes in bringing overall balance of cleansing your mind and body to bring forth healing." - Cynthia Sims, Owner, 200 RYT, Buti Yoga, Hot Buti and RN